Hardy Facepaint, Easy Choice for Walmart’s Made in the USA Initiative

August 30, 2017

Hardy Facepaint, Easy Choice for Walmart’s Made in the USA Initiative

For Brian and Mariah Hardy, founders of HARDY Facepaint, the goal has always been to provide the best facepaint on the market for serious, responsible hunters.  So they formulated FDA approved ingredients and made the water based face paint lightweight, effective and breathable, yet durable. This non-comedogenic formula can be applied easily and smoothly with the no mess wand applicator or with fingertips. Paint removal is done simply with a moist towel – no scrubbing or harsh removal agents required. HARDY offers camouflage face paint in useful colors, suitable for a wide variety of applications. There is truly no other face paint on the market like HARDY FACEPAINT. Designed by hunters, for hunters.

After only 3 years in business and perfecting their products to the specs of their loyal customers, HARDY Facepaint has now been thrust into the National spotlight as being recognized in Walmart’s Made in the U.S. Initiative.  Accepted to an open call invitation by the sporting and hunting buyers in 2016, HARDY was a simple choice for Walmart, who began the pledge to support American Made companies and American Manufacturing in early 2013.  The company has pledged to purchase approximately $250 billion in products that support the creation of American jobs.  In doing so, as of July 10th, Walmart has chosen to place HARDY Facepaint in over 2,000 stores across the nation. HARDY Facepaint is proud to be over 80% made in the U.S. and is thriving to try to find an American manufacturer for the new and improved tubes. The easy choice comes as a breath of fresh air for Walmart and their customers, because the two facepaint products offered by the store previously had been made in China. Walmart has honored their pledge to contribute to American jobs and HARDY Facepaint has been rewarded for years of hard-work, but that hard-work will not be stopping anytime soon for Brian and Mariah Hardy. As the brand and company see growth from the National distribution of their product, so will the loyal customer base.  Always perfecting colors, consistency, and applications.  As well as making cost effective changes, is what makes HARDY Facepaint a great company with even better people behind it.

I believe I speak for all sportsmen when I say that I’ll be proud to support an American made product this fall and will be enjoying the convenience of picking up a tube of HARDY Facepaint at my local Walmart. Both the initiative by Walmart and the home-grown business plan of HARDY Facepaint are something customers can be proud of.

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