Green & Brown HARDY Camo Face Paints for Your 2016 Turkey Hunting Gear

February 27, 2016

Green & Brown HARDY Camo Face Paints for Your 2016 Turkey Hunting Gear

Its official!

We are excited to announce the release of our new green and brown camouflage face paint colors. We couldn't be happier that our new face paint colors are available just in time for the start of the 2016 turkey hunting season.

Hardy's Face Paint. Black camouflage face paint. Green camouflage face paint. Brown camouflage face paint. Osceola turkey hunt

When we started our business in April 2015 we decided to start small and test the hunting market as well as the sports market. We actually developed our black camo face paint for ourselves and our hunting buddies since we were fed up with hunting face masks and oily face paints. Black face paint was the primary color we wore while hunting deer, waterfowl, and Osceola turkey in Florida. After wearing our face paint during several hunts and getting feedback from our friends, we decided we needed to share our amazing face paint with the hunting community. Our first trade show, the World Deer Expo in Birmingham Alabama, was our first time introducing it to hunters and athletes. The response was nothing but positive and even Red Arrow's Kip Campbell was blown away and made HARDY FACEPAINT his official hunting face paint.

Now you can make HARDY FACEPAINT your go to hunting camouflage face paint. We promise you will find our product to be the best camo face paint, satisfaction guaranteed! Check out our new green and brown as well as our black camo face paints in our SHOP. Free shipping on 2 or more tubes in the continental US and 10% off 3 or more tubes. Don't forget to tag us in your hunting pictures with your HARDY camo face paint designs on our social media. We love to share your photos and enjoy feedback!

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